Ar. C.L. Tambia Ji i the finest architect I have come across in Jaipur. His knowledge of aesthetics and design is immense. I was lucky to have my place 'Architectured' by Mr. Tambia.

Client 1 - CEO

A visionary, an inspiration, a thoughtful person and absolutely the best interior designer and Architect I have come across in my life so far. I have had many opportunities to connect with architects in Jaipur and so far I have found the work of Mr. Tambia as the most creative. He, undoubtedly is the finest architect in Jaipur.

Client 2 - Owner

Not only a man of intellect, but a man with good humour as well. It was my pleasure to have worked with the best architect in Jaipur - Ar. C.L. Tambia. Walks with a wide small on his face and has a solution to everything, if you have an architectural project, contact him asap!

Clent 3 - Owner